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Why Garages, Basements and Attics Attract Pests

If you’re a homeowner then you have probably encountered unwanted visitors in your home. Maybe you’ve found ants in your pantry or have heard mice scurrying through the walls, or have found termite damage to wooden beams. Most likely you will encounter pests in your garage, attic or basement at some time. But what attracts pests to these areas in the first place? Keep reading to discover more.

A Great Place to Hide

Most garages, basements and attics are full of clutter due to the fact that these areas usually serve as storage space. With all of the shelving, boxes and crates to hide behind or in, it serves as a great place for pests to create a nest. Basements and attics in particular tend to be undisturbed by humans for the majority of the time and pests use this advantage as a way to keep their nests hidden and untouched.

The Ideal Environment

Garages, attics and basements make the perfect environment for pests. They are dark, cool and damp as well as quiet. Pests enjoy finding small, secluded areas to hide away in. Many, like mice or rats, will use whatever resources available to them to build their nests (such as cardboard, paper or insulation material). Bats enjoy the darkness of an attic. Raccoons may wander their way into your garage hoping to find food scraps and shelter.

A Way to Enter Your Home

Aside from pests making a home out of these areas of your home, these same areas also serve as a great way for pests to enter into your living spaces. For example, a mouse could find its way into your basement or garage and find a small opening that will lead them through bedroom walls, bathrooms and your kitchen. This is why it is so important to seal any holes or cracks inside or outside of your home.

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