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Warning Signs Showing You Could Have Pest Problems

Pests can create health problems and structural damage to your house without anybody even knowing they are there. Without knowing what to look for, pests can live in your home for years before being caught. Learning that you have a pest infestation and what kind of pest infestation is the first step in exterminating them. Here are some things to look for around the house to make sure you don't have any unwelcome creatures living with you.

Where to Look

Some of the places you should search include the kitchen, around appliances and in the garage. The kitchen is a hot spot for pests, not only because of all the food that is stored in kitchens but also because of the many pipes extending to and from the kitchen which pest use to travel. Make sure to check around places with appliances as well, like laundry rooms, utility rooms, basements and attics. These are warm places that pests like to settle around. Also, check your garage. The garage directly borders the outside, so pests will have little difficulty making their way in. Meanwhile, the garage has many places to hide and things to chew on, so it is a prime location for pests to live.

What to Look For

  • Noises One sign of pests living in your house is noises in wall cavities, ceilings and crawl spaces. Remain silent, put your ear against the floor or wall and listen for rustling noises or squeaking. If you hear these sounds, you may have rodents living in your house.
  • Smells Sniff around for musty odors in your house. Scientists say that bed bugs have a sweetish odor, mice are said to give off a urine-like scent, and cockroaches smell oily, like soy sauce.
  • Bite marks Rodents are known to gnaw through furniture, cardboard, plastic, pipes, and even wires. Seeing nibbled on chair legs or exposed wires might be a sign of mice or rats.
  • Leavings Check for fecal matter around your house left by pests. The droppings of rats and mice should be obvious, but for smaller pests like bed bugs or cockroaches, it should be a little more difficult to spot. Look for pieces of what appears to be coffee grinds smeared on the bed sheets or around the floor.

Pests can be difficult to spot if you don’t know these tricks. Check your house to see whether or not you have pests as soon as possible.

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