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Top 5 Pests To Be On The Lookout For This Spring

It’s springtime and everything is finally thawing from a long winter, including dreaded pests. Many are in the process of waking up after their seasonal slumber, and the warmer it gets, the more you may see them around. Sorenson Pest Control brings you the top five pests to keep your eyes peeled for. 


As the snow melts, ants are some of the first insects to come out of hibernation. That’s right, they’ve been asleep and away nearly all winter. But now they’re ready to jump at the opportunity to sneak into your kitchen. They’ll be hungry, so make sure to follow proper pest-free kitchen protocol and if all goes well, those ants will take their business elsewhere. 


April showers bring…mosquitoes? It’s no secret that the spring season is accompanied by a lot of rain. The more standing water, the easier it is for these pesky guys to reproduce. A quick inspection of your home or business’ plumbing infrastructure will ensure proper infestation prevention. 


A huge downside of additional rain—while it may bring May flowers—is the damage moisture can cause to your home. Termites are especially tricky to deal with this time of year, as they’ve not only been asleep but they’re also ready to reproduce and colonize. Softened wood, whether moist or rotting, will make your abode their target. And once a termite infestation starts, it’s extremely difficult to put an end to. 


More of a bother than an actual risk, earwigs tend to pop up way more around spring. They reach their peak in the summer, but once the weather starts to warm, you may notice them around a lot more. For preventative measures, lining boric acid along potential entryways may work as a natural insecticide.


You may notice spiders lingering a lot more as we transition seasons. This isn’t necessarily due to a temperature increase but rather the presence of other insects, on which spiders prey. As long as they don’t bite and aren’t ravaging your indoors, using a spider or two as security might not hurt. 


With their peak season running from March through May, it’s important to watch out for ticks. Checking yourself and your pets is a surefire way to prevent infestations and disease. Cleaning your shoes and clothes upon arriving at home is a recommended backup, as is keeping your areas dry and free of lingering moisture. 

If you spot any of these pests this spring, more may be nearby. Contact Sorenson Pest Control for a free estimate today.

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