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Top 5 Most Common Winter Pests to Look Out For

There are a few pests you’ll see quite often this season. Many of these pests are year-round. But they will also increase in numbers around your home during the colder months. They will be in search of shelter from the harsh outdoor climate. 

Watch out for these common winter pests listed below… 

5 Common Winter Pests

House Mice

These pests are the most common in the U.S. They usually build their nests in secluded and dark areas, like basements and attics. 

House mice can cause major property damage. But they can also contaminate food and spread diseases or parasites, such as salmonella and tapeworms. 


Spider invasions are quite common in the winter. 

The weather gets colder during this time, so spiders will find a way to enter structures to stay warm. They can successfully reproduce indoors and live a long time without any food. It is crucial that you have a pest control company eliminate the spiders before they become permanent residents in your home. 

Bed Bugs

During winter, do you enjoy snuggling in bed? Unfortunately, so do bed bugs. 

If you spot a few, there are most likely a whole lot more nearby. They will attach themselves to your clothing, thus entering your home. They can also bite you as you sleep.


Squirrels will make their nests in chimneys and attics. To prevent them from invading your living space, you should cover your chimney with chimney caps and trim your shrubbery often. 

You should also seal all entry points and replace any rotting wood. 


These little insects enjoy cold and damp places, making them especially common during winter. 

They may be residing in your basement, or a rarely used bathroom in your home. It is important that you keep an eye out for them. 

A female silverfish is able to lay tons of eggs and cause an infestation. 


With Sorenson Pest Control, you can get the proper treatment to eliminate all of these pests from your home right away. For our services, visit our website. For more information, visit our blog or contact Sorenson Pest Control today.

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