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Spider Control Spotlight: The Bold Jumping Spider

You're sitting on your couch on a Friday night, legs stretched out in front of you, a glass of wine at your elbow, and a good book in your lap. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you see something moving...

There is almost nothing worse than spotting a spider nearby.

Nothing worse, that is, than having a spider jump straight at you!

Unfortunately, that's exactly the sort of tactic that the bold Jumping Spider favors.

Although he is small, this little guy is not afraid to jump straight at his prey, even if that prey is much larger than himself. Able to jump up to four times his own body length, the Jumping Spider is also quick, ensuring that even though he's one of the smaller members of the arachnid family, he has no trouble taking care of himself.  

The rapid-fire pouncing allows them to ambush insect prey that they have stalked. It also allows for an unexpected escape from possible predators. Because they are so difficult to catch, it is unlikely observers will ever get bitten by one. They can and will bite, however their venom is not lethal may only cause a stinging sensation (Insect Identification).

Jumping Spiders thrive in almost any habitat, including inside homes. Since they are so quick, Jumping Spiders are very difficult for homeowners to catch and kill. Whether you are the type to try smashing spiders under a book, or the sort of Good Samaritan who prefers catching them gently under a cup and releasing them to the relative safety of the great outdoors, catching a Jumping Spider is going to be a hard sell.

The best way to deal with an infestation of Jumping Spiders, of course, is to contact a pest control professional. 

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