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Preventing Head Lice

Head lice might not be fatal, but it definitely isn’t pleasant. Lice can spread over your scalp quickly, causing itchiness and irritation to your skin and hair. Lice are most commonly spread with kids at school and in childcare settings, where lice and germs can be passed around rapidly.

If your kids are exposed to lice, you can be quickly exposed as well. In any case, here are some quick and easy tips for preventing head lice.


1) Don’t Share Things that Touch Your Head

One of the best ways to prevent lice from spreading is to not share anything that touches your head. Lice can easily and quickly spread from child to child or child to parent if you happen to share the same brush or comb. The same is true for sharing any type of hats. Make sure that once you have identified who has lice in your household that they aren’t sharing anything that touches their head with anyone else.


2) Avoid Head-to-Head Contact

When kids play, they can get carried away. This can often lead to kids touching or knocking their heads together, which is another quick way to spread lice. Make sure that your kids are avoiding any types of activities or games that involve head to head contact with their friends, siblings, or classmates at school.


3) Separate Clothing and Personal Belongings

In reality, just about anything that is shared can be the next spawning pool for lice. Some of the fastest ways that lice can spread through clothes and personal belongings are via

- Lockers

- Clothing drawers

- Closets in your house

- Hooks and hangers for your clothes

- Sweaters, shirts, and any upper body clothing. Especially those that have to be pulled over your head.

Once you have identified who has lice in your family, make sure to keep their clothing and personal belongings either quarantined or separated from everyone else’s, in your home.


4) Check For Lice

One of the best ways to prevent lice from spreading is to stay on the lookout for lice. Make sure that you keep an open ear for any school reports about lice spreading. Check bedding, rugs, and towels ––– anything that is likely to get infested with lice or their eggs. Make sure your kids know what lice are and how to avoid them.

If you are interested in learning more about lice termination or prevention or need pest control services in California, Contact Sorenson Pest Control today.

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