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Integrated Pest Management for the Fall

Integrated Pest Management, often referred to as IPM, is an environmentally friendly approach to pest control that focuses on biological control and habitat management. A combination of IPM practices is applied over time to reduce and eliminate pest populations. On-going monitoring allows the pest control technician to gauge the results of the IPM strategy. Pesticides are used only as a last resort to manage unwanted pests.

During fall, IPM can be a useful approach to controlling pests. Colder days and nights can herald the beginning of uninvited houseguests seeking warmth and plentiful food. Here are some of the fall pests In Northern California that are easily managed with IPM.


Cockroaches are common and unwanted bugs. They slip into your house through crevices, cracks and small holes around foundations, doors and windows. Once inside, they avoid human contact, hiding in dark places like pantries, cupboards, drawers and behind appliances.

They are highly social insects and usually establish communal nesting sites in your kitchen. Since cockroaches are nocturnal, you may not realize you have a problem until you switch the light on in your kitchen in the middle of the night.


When spiders move in, their favorite locations tend to be attics, basements and garages. Other insects in your home supply a steady source of food for them. Most spiders are not considered dangerous — with the exception of the Western Black Widow and Brown Recluse.

Like cockroaches, spiders tend to be busy at night. They also prefer to be away from household activity. Gaps and crevices around doors and windows, torn screens, and gaps in siding or the foundation are common entry points for them.


Other nocturnal pests include mice and rats. They usually take up residence inside your walls or in your basement, attic or behind kitchen appliances. During the night, you may hear them scampering about while raiding your kitchen.

If you don’t hear them, you’ll definitely know they’ve arrived by their droppings. Finding rodent droppings in drawers, cabinets and pantries is unpleasant for any homeowner. In addition, rodents can chew through electric wiring and wood, causing considerable damage to your house.

Integrated Pest Management is a safer alternative to traditional pest control. Your family and pets won’t come into contact with potentially harmful chemicals. We provide a thorough inspection and customized service plan based on our findings. To schedule your appointment, contact Sorenson Pest Control today.

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