Vacations are times to get away for relaxation and enjoyment. Part of the fun may include pleasant surprises, from finding the perfect restaurant to making new friends. One surprise you do not want unwelcome guests that have come home with you. Sorenson Pest Control prides itself in being able to help during those vulnerable times.

No matter your destination, the threat of exasperating insects is real. Pests are especially troublesome in high-travel times, such as during the summer or holiday seasons. Guard yourself against these pests by learning of their habits and hiding places:

Bed bugs

These maddening insects usually live in mattresses and bedding, though they can also be tucked away in the seams of headboards, drawers and outlets. Signs of infestation include finding itchy welts on exposed skin and dark spots on bedding caused by crushed bugs and their waste. They can latch onto anything, including luggage and clothing.

To escape the dread of bringing home bed bugs, seek to avoid them altogether. Leave luggage in the hallway, and inspect the seams of mattresses upon entering. If you see any infestation signs, contact the owner or manager immediately and request new accommodations. In case you have missed tell-tale signs, lessen the chances of bringing them home by keeping luggage and clothing off the floor. Wash all clothing upon return in hot water, and extend drying times to help kill off stray bugs and their eggs.


These disgusting insects are common throughout the world. They love to hide in cardboard boxes, clothing and luggage and tend to gather around food and water sources, including drains, pantries and leaky faucets. Cockroaches multiply quickly, so fast action and treatment is a must.

Vigilance is vital to arm yourself against cockroaches. Inspect likely hiding places upon entering, and keep your eyes open for trouble throughout the visit. Upon return, quickly empty and destroy any cardboard boxes you have used. Avoid bringing home food items that attract cockroaches.


These tiny jumping insects are the enemies of both humans and pets. Fleas tend to reside in bedding, carpeting and soft furniture. You may notice occasional bites that will become more frequent as the infestation grows over time. 

Awareness is instrumental in the fight against fleas. Consider seeking accommodations that are carpet free. Place clean towels on furniture to avoid direct contact with sofas and other places where fleas may hide. Once you return home, thoroughly clean all clothing and luggage and treat your pets for fleas.

Call a Professional

Don’t be left with the horrible souvenirs of unwanted pests. Once these nuisances take hold in your home, they are almost impossible to wipe out. For help with keeping your home pest-free, turn to the professional services of Sorenson Pest Control. Our knowledgeable professionals are trained to identify and eliminate any invading insects efficiently within your home. Contact us today for a free consultation.