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Common Spiders That Are OK to Have in Your Home

The idea of having spiders crawling around in your home may give you nightmares. Yet, not all spiders are harmful to humans and therefore are okay to have inside the home. Keep reading to learn about spiders that are okay to have in your home.

American House Spider

These spiders are about the same size as a nickel. Their abdomens are circular in shape and their coloring is grey with white markings. As most spiders do, the American house spider can be found hiding in dark areas that are hard to find. They enjoy hiding out in basements and garages. You may find their webs around window sills or door frames where they are likely to catch flies. This type of spider is harmless to humans and therefore safe to be in the home.

Daddy Longlegs

You may have heard the myth that daddy longlegs are poisonous to humans and animals. However, that is not the case. These spiders do not have any type of venomous glands and therefore are harmless. They are known for their tiny bodies and long legs, hence their name. You will mostly find these spiders outside in your yard or possibly in trees. They often will gather on your porch or deck as well. 

Wolf Spider

These spiders appear menacing, in fact, they may remind you of a tarantula. But, they are not harmful to humans. In fact, they would rather hide than be in contact with people. They range in size and color depending on the species, of which there are over 200. Rather than spinning webs to catch prey, they hunt. You may find these critters in basements, garages or sheds. Outside they may hide in holes, gaps around the home, in trash and under boards. 

Grass Spiders

These spiders may look like brown recluse spiders, which are dangerous to humans. Grass spiders, however, are not known to be harmful to humans. This type of spider has spinnerets, which brown recluses do not. You will find them usually around the foundation of your home. But, you may also find them wandering inside as well, especially when they are looking to mate. 

Not all spiders are harmful to humans. These critters are necessary for keeping certain insect populations down. However, if you notice a spider infestation in or around your home, don’t hesitate to call in the experts. Contact Sorenson Pest Control for more information.


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