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Bee and Wasp Control: Don’t Let Yellow Jacket Nests Put Your Health at Risk

Bee and Wasp Control: Don’t Let Yellow Jacket Nests Put Your Health at Risk

Yellow jackets may be considered social insects among their kind but there are very few humans that want to associate with them and with good reason. They are often extremely uncompromising, reproduce quickly and have the ability to deliver nasty stings. In addition, it’s often hard to spot their nest until it’s too late. This is especially the case with subterranean yellow jackets.

Along with their above ground cohorts, they tend to build new nests each spring. As such, its best for homeowners to begin thinking about bee and wasp control now, before fledgling nests have time to grow. If left unchecked, it is common for above and below ground nests to eventually shelter more than 200,000 yellow jackets at a time! That’s pretty disturbing, considering that yellow jackets have the capability to sting and release irritating venom into their victims multiple times.

According to medical experts, less than 100 people die each year from yellow jacket stings but many more are mild to moderately allergic to them. Those that are allergic to the insect’s venom tend to suffer with shortness of breath, inflammation, dizziness and other problems after being stung. Consequently, successful bee and wasp control may be a healthcare necessity for some homeowners.

Bee and wasp control experts generally take a variety of steps to rid properties of yellow jacket nests. In general, above ground nests are much easier to locate and destroy than underground ones. Nonetheless, both types of yellow jackets respond to bee and wasp control measures. With that in mind, wasp exterminators may employ insecticide sprays, water traps, bait stations and lure traps in order to get insect populations under control.

The timing, type and application of such measures will obviously vary on a case by case basis. To learn more about controlling yellow jacket populations and other wasps or bees, please contact our pest control company today.

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