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Ant Proofing your California Home

Ant Proofing your California Home

Ants are an incredible nuisance especially during the warmer months, so it isn't difficult to know that you have an infestation. They are searching for food and water, so you are very likely to see them in the kitchen and in your eating areas.  Fire Ants Fire ants are recognizable for their red head and thorax and red/black abdomen. Their nests may be found in wall voids, under carpets, rain gutters, bath traps or in the crawl spaces.  Nests most commonly are in the soil, identified by the large mound of soil raised above the surface, and they are particularly common in turf.  These pests are particularly troublesome because they can inflict painful stings on those who disturb them.   Due to the large colony size, deep nests, and painful stings, it is best to leave their extermination to knowledgeable pest-control experts instead of attempting to control the pests without professional assistance. Little black...
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